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#Chill: Turn Off Your Job And Turn On Your Life Hardcover

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Author 1 Dr Bryan E Robinson
ISBN-10 0008318603
Publication Date January 21, 2019
About the Author Dr Bryan Robinson is professor emeritus at the University of North Carolina and a licensed psychotherapist in Asheville. He has published three books which have been translated into 13 languages. He is an avid contributor to Psychology Today, Total Health and Psychotherapy Networker and has a strong media profile.
Book Description Discover a new way to face work/life challenges and build resilience and learn how to turn roadblocks into stepping stones with these daily meditations. These 365 meditations are designed to support those of us struggling with work/life balance and work addiction-many of whom have demanding full-time jobs, children, marriages, and household obligations-juggling pressures from careers which expect optimal performance. As we navigate these sometimes tumultuous ups-and-downs, Chill encour
Language English
Publisher HarperCollins Publishers

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